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29-05-2015, 15:54

The Giant Airships

The Giant Airships
Author: Douglas Botting
The Giant Airships (The Epic of Flight)
Time Life Books
Format: PDF
Pages: 186
Language: English
Size: 23.8 MB

This excellent volume on the history of the rigid airship is part of the Time-Life "The Epic of Flight" series. It has a simulated embossed leatherette cover in dark blue with a full color printed insert of the Hindenburg. It is profusely illustrated with many full color and crisp black-and-white photographs and drawings. The first chapter deals primarily with Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin's development of the first practical, navigable, rigid airship in 1900. Also included is a history of experimentation and speculation prior to this date. Early non-German efforts such as the Lebaudy, Nulli Secundus, and America are depicted and discussed. The efforts of Santos-Dumont are examined. The pre-war accomplishments of the German Airship Transport Company (DELAG) are detailed.

The Giant Airships