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29-05-2015, 14:36

Black Thursday

Black Thursday
Author: Martin Caidin
Black Thursday
Bantam Books
Format: PDF
Pages: 292
Language: English
Size: 33.4 MB

Shortly after daybreak, 291 U.S. Flying Fortress bombers and their escort fleet of over 100 Thunderbolt P-47 fighters flew high over German-dominated Europe. Their mission: Attack and destroy the Schweinfurt ballbearing factories, the heavily defended heart of Hitler's war machine. The Luftwaffe was waiting. Black Thursday is a story of bravery and tragedy of fierce, large-scale warfare, of bold courage against impossible odds. Here, in a series of you-are-there action scenes, are the mortal battles of the brave men in the flak-filled skies, the flights of deadly Messerschmitts, the B-17s vanishing in the brilliant glare of rocket fire. It is a story of twisted wreckage and sudden, violent death, of stunning realism in the unforgettable chronicle.

Black Thursday