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9-10-2015, 03:14

Guides to Trousseau and Behavior in the Household

The following is an abbreviated list of items from A Record of Treasures for Women that a bride might take with her into marriage.

Shell box storage cabinets clothes rack folding screen bedroom curtains storage chest

Kimono and clothing chest wicker chest

Carrying pole and pail for transporting


Inkstone case brush and ink writing-brush holder letter box comb box

Box for placing strands of hair pulled out

By combing

Artificial hair hairbrush toilet case vanity

Mirror stand makeup and comb box small washbasin larger washbasin

Vinegar-based liquid containing a piece of iron used for blackening teeth

Box for holding powder used to blacken teeth

Bowl for mixing blackening ingredients for the teeth

Container for heating the mixture of blackening ingredients shallow container for face powder and rouge

Container holding oil to be combed into one’s hair eyebrow brush hairpins tweezers scissors nail cutter

Razor for shaving the forehead and eyebrows lacquered boxes lacquered sandals straw sandals sewing box pincushion spools of thread ruler

Cloth cutter

Container for spooled hemp rack for holding spun threads

Spinning wheel threading loop

Crescent-shaped bow used for pounding cotton to clean and soften it weaving loom with warp and woof cup for gargling birthing chair

Placenta bucket used in burying afterbirth

Crescent-shaped rod for stretching washed and dyed clothes fulling block

Dolls, used as toys and amulets sake ewers tin sake flask ceremonial serving trays games





Bamboo and silk screen toothbrush round fan folding fan

Shuttlecock and paddle hats

Sleeping pillow

Ink for drawing eyebrows on the forehead

Small bags for carrying fragrances to guard against body odor incense, incense box, and censer

The following is a list from Women’s Imagawa of twenty-two behaviors that a wife must avoid.

1.  You slacken off in your resolve and dim the way of womanhood.

2.  You do not rectify even small errors and then when faced with failure on account of this you act bitterly toward others.

3.  You fail to bear in mind matters of true importance while chatting without any reservation to anyone at all.

4.  You forget the deep debt of gratitude you owe your father and mother, and you are negligent in the way of filial piety.

5.  You disrespect your husband, assert yourself, and have no fear of Heaven.

6.  Even though you act in rebellion to the way, you desire signs of prosperity and success.

7.  You look down upon the meek even if they are straight and wise.

8.  You play too much, focus on leading men of the stage, and take frivolous pleasure in spectacles and attractions.

9.  You are short-tempered and jealous, and yet are unashamed of people snickering at you.

10.  You become lost in your own shallow cleverness and criticize others for countless things.

11.  You spread rumors among people and then take pleasure in the worries such talk causes them.

12.  You are enamored with clothes, furniture, yourself, and beauty, while your house servants go about looking shabby.

13.  For things high and low, you have no sense of what is proper and prefer willfulness.

14.  You point out the faults of others while thinking you are wise.

15.  Even when it is just meeting with a Buddhist priest, you draw very close and act too familiar toward him.

16.  You fail to realize your social position, are arrogant, or are discontent.

17.  Failing to understand the strong and weak points of those working under you, you do not rightly manage the tasks of servants.

18.  You treat your parents-in-law carelessly and earn the ridicule of others.

19.  You neglect your stepchild and have no shame when others sneer at you.

20.  Speaking of men in general, you act in ways that are too intimate even with your own close relatives.

21.  You despise people who protect the way, but love friends who flatter you.

22.  When guests come, you allow your bad temper to rise, show your anger, and become unceremonious with your rudeness.