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11-08-2015, 18:59

The British War Effort

By Autumn 1943, mobilization of resources had progressed to a reassuring level and the Allies were in a position to discuss plans for alter the war. The British war effort was typical in a number of ways. 'Industrial conscription' was authorized by law. The whole of the British public uncompiaininglv accepted hard work in lactones, rationing, increased taxes and reduced living standards. These burdens were offset by a promise ofsweeping social reform under the Beveridge plan for universal social securitv. At best, however, British capacities were limited. The mobilization of labour syphoned manpower from the fighting force while the limited output of maximum production restricted lighting strength still further. Onlv 7400 tanks and 26,000 aeroplanes were produced in 1943; and slightly fewer in 1944. The Commonwealth made a significant contribution, but it turned out to be smaller than had been hoped. South Africa confined her operations to Africa, while Austrialia had to keep back forces lor her own defence. The failure of negotiations with the Indian nationalist leaders put a brake on India's contributions. On the other hand, Canada made a substantial contribution, despite the French Canadians reluctance: a million men were enlisted.