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30-05-2015, 22:37

U.S.Amtracs & Amphibians at War 1941-1945

U.S.Amtracs & Amphibians at War 1941-1945
Author: Steve Zaloga
U.S.Amtracs & Amphibians at War 1941-1945
Concord Publications
Concord №7032
ISBN: 9623616554
Format: PDF
Pages: 72
Size: 32 Mb
Language: English

Amphibious assault is one of the most difficult challenges in modern warfare. The defender has a natural advantage since the sea poses a formidable natural barrier to most military operations. With the advent of powerful coastal guns and steel-reinforced concrete fortifications, amphibious assault became all the more difficult. But amphibious assault also has it advantages. Coastlines are often long, and it is impossible to defend all locations. If a weak spot can be found, forces can be landed in relative safety. Until World War II, amphibious landings were conducted by improvised means, usually using ship's boats.

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