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31-05-2015, 18:59

Anglo-Saxons at war 800-1066

Anglo-Saxons at war 800-1066
Author: Paul Hill
Anglo-Saxons at war 800-1066
Pen and Sword Military
ISBN: 1848843690
Format: EPUB
Pages: 224
Size: 4 Mb
Language: English

In the time of the great Anglo-Saxon kings like Alfred and Athelstan, Æthelred and Edmund Ironside, what was warfare really like – how were the armies organized, how and why did they fight, how were the warriors armed and trained, and what was the Anglo-Saxon experience of war? As Paul Hill demonstrates in this compelling new study, documentary records and the growing body of archaeological evidence allows these questions to be answered with more authority than ever before. His broad, detailed and graphic account of the conduct of war in the Anglo-Saxon world in the unstable, violent centuries before the Norman Conquest will be illuminating reading for anyone who wants to learn about this key stage of medieval history.

Anglo-Saxons at war 800-1066