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26-05-2015, 14:19

Singapore 1942 (Battle Story)

Singapore 1942 (Battle Story)
Author: Chris Brown
Singapore 1942
The History Press
Battle Story
Format: EPUB
Pages: 158
Size: 4 Mb
Language: English

The Fall of Singapore remains a crushing defeat that sent shockwaves around the British Empire during the Second World War. Singapore had always been seen as an impenetrable fortress that would protect the British Empire's stake in the Far East - a legacy of the great days of global dominion. The British Army were aware of the threat to Singapore and Malaya from the first days after Pearl Harbor, but they viewed the Japanese Army as an inferior fighting force, incapable of standing up to the defences and trained troops of the British. Yet, in December 1941 the Japanese launched a swift attack on the Singapore airfields, nearly wiping out the entire fleet of RAF frontline aeroplanes.

Singapore 1942 (Battle Story)