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29-05-2015, 17:59

Oradour: The Massacre and Aftermat

Oradour: The Massacre and Aftermat
Author: Philip Beck
Oradour: The Massacre and Aftermath
Pen and Sword Military
Battleground Europe
ISBN: 184415100X
Format: EPUB
Pages: 176
Size: 6 Mb
Language: English

The destruction of the French village of Oradour and the massacre of its population in June 1944 by the SS Das Reich Division ranks as one of the most notorious atrocities of the Second World War. The scars that were left will never fully heal and there are those that would argue that they should remain as a lesson to future generations. The ruins of the village have been preserved as a memorial to the victims and a new museum has recently been opened by President Chirac. Fully illustrated in true Battleground style, this superb account reveals the full horror of this outrage.

Oradour: The Massacre and Aftermat