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Achugao Pottery found in the Marianas that has parallel incised lines in curved or rectilinear patterns around the necks of vessels with stamped or incised circle motifs with colored slips, usually in red or black.

Betel nut The nut from the betel palm (Areca catechu) that is chewed with pepper leaf (Piper betle) and slaked lime to produce a euphoric effect. Betel nut was chewed by prehistoric peoples in western Micronesia and is still used widely today in Yap and Palau.

Chelechol ra Orrak An archaeological site in the Palauan archipelago that contains some of the earliest human burials found thus far in the Pacific Islands, dating to 2800-3000 years BP.

Latte Prehistoric stone pillars used in the Marianas for supporting house structures.

Nan Madol An archaeological site on the island of Pohnpei constructed of large basalt columns and foundation stones on artificially built islets. This enormous complex was home to the Saudeleur dynasty from about 1500 to 500 year BP and is one of the most impressive sites in all of Micronesia.

Remote Oceania A term used to describe a part of the Pacific that includes those islands that are geographically separated over great distances and are generally not intervisible; includes those islands in Polynesia and Micronesia.

San Roque Pottery found in the Marianas that is decorated with circular motifs.

Sawei An extensive exchange system that involved peoples from the coral Outer Islands who traveled to Gagil in Yap to exchange resources.

Sekau/Seka A drink prepared from the pepper plant (Piper methysitcum), also known as kava, that was introduced into eastern Micronesia by early colonists. The use of the plant has a long tradition in Pohnpei, where the roots of the plant are pounded into a pulp on a large basalt stone and twisted through strands of hibiscus bark.

Stone money Large circular or ovoid disks of limestone that were carved in the Rock Islands of Palau by Yapese islanders and brought back to Yap for use as exchange items and symbols of wealth and status; also known as rai to the Yapese and balang in Palauan.

Tasa The capstones of latte (Marianas).

Taro A tuber crop imported to the Pacific Islands and one of the most important foods to peoples in the region today and in the past.