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5-06-2015, 00:32

Sumer - Cities of Eden

Sumer - Cities of Eden
Sumer: Cities of Eden
Author: composite authors
Time Life Education
Graduation Year: 1993
Language: English
Quality: excellent
Format: Pdf
Pages: 168
Size: 36,4 Mb

Textbooks on the sumerians are often filled with with art and fail to communicate the tremendous contributions of these ancient people. This book provides an objective evaluation of the builders of mankind's first civilization. The reader is left wanting to learn more about the sumerians who were the first to develop writing, wheel, law, school, war, art, cities, ..., etc.
Readers assume the role of archaeologists, uncovering secrets of ancient civilizations. Stunning photographs and illustrations, plus detailed cutaways, maps and diagrams.

Sumer - Cities of Eden