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7-06-2015, 18:57

Medieval Castles

Medieval Castles
Medieval Castles (Greenwood Guides to Historic Events of the Medieval World)
Author: Marilyn Stokstad
Pages: 256
Format: PDF
Size: 2,5 mb
Language: English

Stokstad, the author of a well- regarded history of medieval art, has written an account that describes all aspects of medieval castles, with many specific examples and a rich collection of primary sources. Written for high school students and the general reader, the text provides a nuanced look at castles, with attention to their architecture, methods of fortification, methods of warfare, functions besides defense, inhabitants, their fate after the invention of gunpowder, and the romantic attachment to their architecture from the 18th century to the present. This volume focuses mainly on examples in England and France; it is supplemented nicely by examples in another book in this series, also written by a senior scholar, that focuses on the Crusades

Medieval Castles