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25-05-2015, 16:46

Panzers 1936-1945 (Hitler's War Machine)

Panzers 1936-1945 (Hitler's War Machine)
Panzers 1936-1945
Author: Bob Carruthers
Coda Books Ltd.
Hitler's War Machine
ISBN: 1781583161
Pages: 434
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Size: 12 MB

Edited and compiled by Emmy Award winning historian Bob Carruthers this is the compendium edition featuring five complete reprints from the series entitled 'Hitler's War Machine.' Comprising a varied range of materials drawn from original writings covering the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of the Panzers in action, this single volume edition is designed to provide the well-read and knowledgeable reader with an interesting compilation of primary sources combined with the best of what is in the public domain to build a comprehensive picture of the tanks and the men who fought in them. Featured here are wartime intelligence reports which contain an intriguing series of contemporary articles on weapons and tactics. Many of the articles are written in, what was then, the present tense and they produce a unique a sense of what was happening at the face of battle as events unfolded.

Panzers 1936-1945 (Hitler's War Machine)