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1-06-2015, 11:56

Medium Mark A Whippet

Medium Mark A Whippet
Author: David Fletcher
Medium Mark A Whippet
Osprey Publishing
Osprey New Vanguard 207
ISBN: 9781782003984
Format: PDF (e-book)
Pages: 50
Size: 3 Mb
Language: English

This title looks at the Medium Mark A Whippet, one of the most successful British tanks of World War I and, when placed alongside existing titles covering the Mark I, Mark IV and Mark V, completes the New Vanguard series’ coverage of the major British tanks of the war. The evolution of the Whippet is examined in detail, from design and development to mechanical details and crew duties, and information on the operational use of the vehicle is drawn from war diaries and battalion records.

Medium Mark A Whippet