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25-05-2015, 16:59

History of the Second World War

History of the Second World War
Author: Liddell Hart
History of the Second World War
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Format: PDF
Pages: 792
Language: English
Size: 108.7 MB

An incisive account of World War II by the foremost military analyst of our time. The present magnificent work is based largely on that priceless personal collection of private documents and the author's constant study of the day-to-day events of the war. For all its clarity, Liddell Hart's History does not always make for comforting reading. It is a military history on the broadest possible scale, ranging from the frustrating events preceding the war, through all the campaigns and battles of seven turbulent years, to the final conclusion of hostilities. Trenchant, searching, thought-provoking, it is a study in reahsm and objective analysis, uncluttered by self-deception. Cherished illusions fade under fresh surveillance; long-held beliefs of justification fall under new questioning; reputations are reexamined by one of the most incisive minds of our time; judgments of our past are made lessons for our present and our future.

History of the Second World War